Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Thought this was interesting shape.
This is me standing in front of a waterfall at Springbrook Reserve Queensland

This is the view from inside the cave.

This little trip into the reserve was fantastic, Darwin and I headed off into the wilderness with our trusty GPS ;). It was a wonderful day out, the feeling you get when you walk inbetween the trees that have been there for amost forever is quite intense. People throw the phrase "connecting with nature" around like crackers at christmas but in this instance there was a distinctive connection. I am eager to see how my artwork will develop with all these new influences.


coco+kelley said...

the photos are AMAZING!! so jealous of your travels and experiences. keep sharing!

Zephaniah Ford said...

Very meaningful piece of art. Continue doing like this kind of art. Nice and God Bless

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hazel forenza said...

I love nature tripping!
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