Friday, February 8, 2008

Random Friday

Photo by J Denarnaud

B&B Italia Casa Collection
John Solomon Design
Godfrey Design Inc.
Omi Shoreham Hotel Washington DC
Weylandts South Africa

Apologies for being so inconsistant on my blog, I have been a bit distracted by the Universe and it's secrets. I have had such a thirst for knowledge in the last few months and I have been reading like a librarian on crack. I just can't get enough. There is so much that we assume we know only to find out that we know nothing.
Feeling a little like someone who has not been paying attention in class I needed to catch up. So a book entitled "A short History of nearly everything" by Bill Bryson seemed to be the perfect place to start.
I am riveted. Which is so strange for a person with a creative overflow and scientic no flow :)
I highly recommend it for getting a good perspective on life from a biological point of view and helping you understand humanities place in the universe. He writes in an as lamen terms as one can get when discussing the make up of all things but perfectly comprehensible.

Thought I would do a random Friday of just images I like really because isn't that what these blogs are about?? Inspiration!


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