Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Excellent News

Just love this image, that dog is just happy as larry!
Darryl Carter Above www.darrylcarter.com
Also see some amazing work www.davidmitchellinteriordesign.com

Carey Jones Below

Well a few things really...

1. An MP3 Player can go through an entire wash cycle and still work :)
2. My oldest friend is going to meet me at the airport in Johannesburg before my flight to Sydney Australia, yay.
3. My parents love me..always a good one
4. Via the grapevine someone who knows someone I know knows about my blog :) wow ")
5. Almost finished reading "A short history of nearly everything"

I can't wait to get into the whole studying environment, the hallways, the smell of new crisp paper and ink drawing pens the wooden desks and water fountains :) giddy just giddy.


Carolina Eclectic said...

Everything sounds like great news to me too. I enjoyed your comments on my blog...thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ah...the puppy sold me!

Lisa said...

That dog looks like my dog!!! Great photos! Enjoy your trip!!!

twentytwentyone said...

How exciting to be going back to school! I decided to do the same a year ago to study interior design - best decision I have ever made.

Best of luck!

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