Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Richer Life

Pak Tai Temple- Holg1 Flickr
Egyptian Interior
Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Apologies for not updating since Thursday but I was distracted my the meaning of life. Yes that old chestnut...
I have been meaning to read "The Monk that sold his Ferrari" for quite some time as for the past four years it has been popping into my world. I went into a quaint little bookstore searching for another book when my eyes locked on to it. I have been delving into it ever since.
What a beautiful concept and way to live. If you are questioning your insatiable appetite for more things, more money more everything this book guides you to a point of contentment to stop the urge for more and just be.
The most important tip I will give you is to open your mind. I have a Christian friend who said "oooh Monks I don't like Monks it's not about Monks is it???'' don't let the title get in the way just focus on the very valid, very practical and very effective methods that will help you come to your own conclusions.
One of the main points is to that one should follow their passion and ensure that it in some way serves others, I believe this is the key to happiness.
Thought the old world interior images some how related to my post :) ancient wisdom etc.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

OH NUNU - that cathedral is divine - good book recommendation ! I like the sound of it!

nunu pepe' said...

I hope you do read it whether it moves you or not it will make you look at the world with anticipation of it's next gift.