Saturday, January 26, 2008


Image by Vincent Le Roux
Oh my goodness, I think the meaning of Moving has finally hit home, I feel somewhat shell shocked. There is so much to do so little time! I feel a bit like doing the above.
I have so many loose ends to tie up I feel like I am in a knot!!!
Going to go make yet another TO DO list, they always make me feel better :)
Will post a little later.


nunu pepe' said...
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MABELLE said...

So wait- are you moving to Brisbane?! That's SO COOL! Oh my gosh- where are you staying? Do you know people there? Are you still studying design there?! HOW EXCITING! Tell us more and post some pictures please!

nunu pepe' said...

Yes, My dad lives in OZ and I will be staying with him on the Gold Coast for a while until we find our own place. Will most definately post all about it. :)