Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Luxury is the freedom not to want!!

After having a glass or two of Champers and some strawberries, just because life is short ... I wanted to post something that was about luxury. I visited site that listed the best hotels in the world and perhaps the alcohol has kicked in but I can't recall the name.

I hope you enjoy the experience.

Speaking of luxury, if you are looking for an amazing chocolate to go with all of the above visit I urge you to order his chocolate no matter where you are in the world!! It's well worth it!! Will do a post when he gets around to sending me some pics!!
Keminski - Zanzibar
Pezula - South Africa
Pleides - Greece
Paraiso De la Bonita - Mexico
The Sarojin - Thailand


studio wellspring said...

you said it girl. great post!

Dr.Bethenais- Languedoc's Lady Doc said...

hoorah for the blog today and the 9th of jan. too where the real magic and passion for design are honored in BOLD PRINT AND HEARTFELT INTENTION- you have captured the essense of designing for me: design mirrors the soul and creates a safe,nourishing environment for sharing and growing and celebrating life and allits challenges!
ps must get book!

kat said...

Hey - great post. Richard from vgchocolate actually did a 'wine and chocolate tasting' at our wedding last April. It was a fantastic way of entertaining the guests between the ceremony and the reception (while we had a few photos taken). We always stop by his shop when we go to Greyton for a weekend break. Real luxury!

Alkemie said...

Love this collection of photos! I especially like the last one with the drapes next to the pool.

nunu pepe' said...

Hi Kat, oh he will be thrilled you are a fan. Richard reads this blog quite often!

Hi Alkemie - glad you like it ;)