Sunday, January 6, 2008

Eclectic Orchestra

Yes...feeling a little like Jerry McGuire (the movie) at the mo, trying to change the world for the better but with an army of one :) Anyhow I am sure all you bloggers out there won't let me down....right?!

On a lighter note but still in keeping the Basic Law in mind, Eclectic design, which also happens to be my favourite style, is the epitome of the laws. Using a clever mix of what you have and what is old and then assembling it all like the notes on a music sheet.
Images Top to Bottom:
Decor 8 - Flickr
Sheila Bridges
David Ries
Percy Bass


twenty twenty-one said...

I am in love with that striped wall!

nunu pepe' said...

I know, I do wonder how big the room is though to pull it off?? Perhaps there is a very large window nearby??

Richard said...

Is that your painting in the second photo?