Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Depth of Decor

I was going through my list of daily reads when I came across Decorate it Darlings' post on her conflicting thoughts on decor, consumerism and what it all means.

A thought process I think most decor & design lovers would have experienced at one point or another. I myself posted about the soul of interior design in order to settle the conflict within. Patrica Gray has listed her new years resolutions and her sense of responsibility to the contribution she makes to the world around her and I sense that feeling throughout the creative industry.

I feel that everybody is ready for a movement, a shift in thoughts when it comes to design.
I quickly drafted a design Mantra I would love it if all design bloggers added and improved on it until we created a BASIC LAWS OF DESIGN FOR A NEW ERA. A soulful approach to design that so many of us have intended by so few of us have done!

1. Look to what you have rather then looking for new


3. A home is not a showroom it's a sanctuary that celebrates the lives of those who live in it.

4. Never throw away only give away.

5. LESS IS MORE - (Contributed by Studio Wellspring)

6. Buy with an eye to the future: fewer things but better quality. - Patricia Gray

7. (?)

8. (?)


KreativeMix said...

i wish i had something insightful to add :-) i'll keep coming back to see what others have added!!!!

nunu pepe' said...

Hi Kreative mix, thanks for popping in. I am sure a women of your business accumen will come up with something to add :)

studio wellspring said...

i might add:
less is more.

always try to ask: who or what is harmed by vs benefits from the production &/or use of the items i'm specifying or purchasing?

find more ways to be more efficient.

jawcey said...

Thanks for the comment and the link to my blog! I think the list you're making is fantastic! I'll do some brainstorming and add to it :)


nunu pepe' said...

Excellent! Would love your contribution :)

Patricia Gray said...

I might Add:
-Buy with an eye to the future: fewer things but better quality.
-Try to incorporate "green" products in your home whenever possible: eg - Low VOC paint,green cleaning products

nunu pepe' said...

Excellent Patricia, I knew I could count on you ;)