Saturday, December 8, 2007


I love pugs, my moms recently passed away so this is in memory of little Tinkerbell
This was the first panel of five paintings for a project I did at Lodge. Each panel is 1200mm so the impact in the space was amazing, no full images available :(

I think this unit from Skona Hem is so interesting, I enjoy taking pieces that have some history and placing them in very modern interiors. They are like bookmarks in time.

This storm recently visited my Durban Town, I have never seen anything like it I was standing in the lounge watching this grey mass rolling towards me at great speed like wild white horses, just behind them in the bulbous cloud where patches of petrol blue that reminded me of a science fiction movie. Everyone in the streets was looking up to the heavens in amazement. I have to say I was shaking in my boots. It turned out to be the tail end of storm that devastated some homes further in land. It's moments like these that make you realise how insignificant you really are and how thankful you are for people like Al Gore.
Aside from the drama of it all I thought the colours where gob a designer :)
PS: Thanks for the image from Empire Collective Chris De Beer
Images from the Hotel Petit Moulin in Paris, rooms were designed by Lacroix so as you can imagine they are quite unusual. The images selected here are probably the most tame of the lot.
The power of Red strikes again, bit if a mixed bag post as I am sure you've noticed I find many images inspiration for both my art & interior style.


patricia gray said...

That is an amazing picture of the storm over Durban. Thanks for your comment on my blog on Chic White bedrooms. I agree with you that sleeping in a white bedroom is a must.

Julie at BV said...

gorgeous pictures.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Nunu - WOW!! That photo of the storm is AMAZING!! I'm so glad you took a picture of it for us to see but so sorry that people lost their homes further inland. I think these storms are going to be the way of the future unfortunatley.
Alos - lvoe your painting you do great abstracts I must say - I'm a red girl too

nunu pepe' said...

ATB&B - Yes I know life is going to be very different in a few years, I think that is why people are even more interested in their homes these days, trying to prepare the nest so to speak.

J@BV - Thanks :)