Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Wedding Update

The courtyard decked out for the ceremony, they later added roses to the back of each chair.
The happy couple, the groom wore a white suit and pink floral shirt which suited his vivacious personality perfectly.

A saxophonist played for the guests while the couple had all their photographs taken, it was a beautiful touch to this wonderful occasion.

The Quarters Hotel in Durban hosted the reception and helped us with laying out the selection of table decor, opting to keep everything fresh and simple. The staff & food are outstanding at this venue.
Apologies for the blogging delay, the wedding took alot out of me, it was a beautiful beautiful day. It was small intimate wedding which in my opinion is the only way to go. The food was to die for and there was love all around. I thought I only had two glasses of wine but the throbbing head I woke up the next morning was most certainly the work of a few more. The bride looked gorgeous in an unusual but stunning Pink number that suited her to the T. It was designed for her by Terrance Bray (of whom dresses the Prince on Monaco's girlfriend)

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Lovely to see this local venue!