Thursday, December 27, 2007

The day after...

Christmas was Christmas, alot of food and alot of people is how I would describe it. The highlight was watching the children playing in the swimming pool. They really are just little miracles ready to teach their parents a lesson at every opportunity, for them life stands still and they are in the moment living it from one to the next.

With this in mind I am setting my sights on life in 2008 as one expects at this time, this past year I feel like I have been sittin in a waiting room, I stopped challenging myself and I tried to close myself off from the world. I really want that to change this coming year. I want to experience as many positive new things as I can handle. I want to be a contributing factor to the growth of more peoples lives I want to give more and even receive more. Life is about participation and observation but I am now ready to participate I have observed for too long!