Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue Skies & Gentle Breezes

Almyra Hotel

Above (Both) by Coco Republic

Hotel Casa

I love the freshness of these images, I can almost feel a light breeze wash over my skin and the smell of summer lingering in the twilight air. Take a deep breath and escape.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

What a beautiful white post !! I love that first photo - I can tell you live in the southern hemisphere when such lovely summer pics are posted :-)

nunu pepe' said...

Yes we are lucky son of a guns, but we do dream of a white christmas as long is lasts for a week max!

richard said...

That is stunning... again. It just transports me a magical place. Mmmm, inspired!

twenty twenty-one said...

such perfection! You always find the most lovely spaces - thank you for sharing them!

eva said...

Oh, sweet escape! I love this Far-East style so much that I decided to decorate our new apartment in this style.
Maybe you could help me here?
We need to decorate two kid rooms. In same style. Any ideas?

Thank You! I`m definitely bookmarking your blog. Expect to see me here often! :)

nunu pepe' said...

Richard - thanks as always ;0

TTO - I so glad you like the images, they bring me so much joy discovering them and then escpecially in sharing them!

Eva- Thank you for visiting your embroidery is just beautiful! Perhaps I will do a post on creating that style soon, should help a little.

sa said...