Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Sabi Sabi

Shompole Lodge - Kenya

Manyara Lake Tree Lodge - To me this interior shows the meaning of African interior design, it's trademarks are boldness in proportion, natural texture & materials and an array of shape & organic form. Most of all Africa style is always welcoming.

This post is especially for those of you that live far from our beloved African continent.
In our deepest darkest bush we have some of the most spectacular luxury experiences in the world. Since I live here I don't dream of hiding out in the bush with my binocs looking for wild creatures, my taste longs for a much more tropical orientated experience where the only thing wild is my cocktail dress :)


richard said...

your blog is stunning... both the content and the way its put together. keep it rolling!

nunu pepe' said...

Thank you Richard, that is very sweet of you to say. ;)

studio wellspring said...

this post definitely pulls at my travel bug strings ..... i want to be in the african bush with binoculars & a wild cocktail dress too. silly, but wonderful! :o)

Fay said...

I love your blog. It brings back memories of when I visited Africa years ago. Can we see more on interior homes. I love the local textiles and colors....keep us wanting for more

vineeta said...

Love these rustic woodsy tenty places! Stunning pictures- what a lovely collection & you've given the links too- thanx much for sharing this beautiful bounty.