Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Touch of blue

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Annie Schlecter

DG Interiors
Jan Showers

Frank Roop Interiors
When you realise that a beautiful interior has very little to do with objects and a whole lot to do with spirit, general well being and upliftment you find the soul of interior design
If you have respect for your surroundings and everything has it's perfect place you interact with your world differently you carry yourself differently. My father used to say that the state of your surroundings is the state of your mind. (My bedroom was usually a mess at this point)
Look around your home, let your home be the foundation of your aspiration!!


Things That Inspire said...

I love this post, and must print it out for my husband when he wonders why I am so focused on design of our home. I agree that your surroundings reflects your state of mind, whether it be the level of mess, clutter, or the amount of time and attention put into design.

Great pictures too! So glad I found your blog this morning. I am going to link to you.

Twenty Twenty-One said...

I ADORE the bottom room - such a dream!
Lovely blog!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Fun post, and that purple room! Oh the drama! :-)

studio wellspring said...

i absolutely love what you wrote here because it's a well-said version of exactly why i decided to become an interior designer. fabulosu blog too ~ i've always wanted to visit south africa & it's so great to "meet" a colleague doing such great work there. kindest regards, anjie

Patricia Gray said...

Thanks for your inspiration. I was so taken with what you had to say that I did a special post on my Blog: http://patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com/2007/12/soul-of-interior-design.html

Anonymous said...

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