Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project complete

This is a much better ''Áfter'' image taken by the client, good lighting :)
Before shown above (clients image)
After shown below

Here are the photographs from the before & after photo shoot. I did not get as many good images as I thought I did, lesson learned is take way more then you need!! Just one more excuse the light was quite intense it was early afternoon ...OK that's all I got...hope you like my work :)

It involved some heavy lifting where I managed to have my knee collapse underneath me while moving a TV unit up a flight of stairs. All I kept thinking was not matter what don't drop the unit! What dedication!!

We painted the wall behind the server which made an instant impact for the room, added a large sea grass rug to frame the couches, changed TV units (although they collected the wrong unit supposed to be similar colour to the coffee table) Added orange silk cushions to lift all the neutrals and of course rearranged the furniture positioning. The changes where minimal but very necessary and made such a difference. The client is adding some floating shelves for the wall behind the TV unit at the moment it's bare :(


Freshly Found said...

How satisfying to have made such a transformation!!!

design for mankind. said...

SOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!! :)

inga said...

I love this room! Really, I do! I would love for my front room to look like this. Gorgeous!