Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Drama oh! Drama!

This room above was created by, Stephen Falke one of South Africa's most renowned interior designers.
Reinbooth & Company

Onyx Interiors South Africa for Rooms on view event.

O Interior Design, no links to Oprah but their work is fab!

A little dinner magic by
Every home should have THAT room, the one that makes your guests feel like V.I.P's and you like a mining magnet. The look can be created on any budget. It's all about boldness, creating a feature through sheer contrast in size, texture or colour, throw in a little quirkiness here and there and Voila! Drama!


Things That Inspire said...

Wow - look at those floating candles! Beautiful. The glossy black floors would never last in my house, though!

nunu pepe' said...

Yip one I have learnt is that black floors tend to look dirty unless they are shining like an eight ball.