Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some Nunu Pepe' Background

I had this frame made by a 'Hawker' (a street vendor) named Lucky (HA HA) He did it so well I ordered ten, placed a deposit and never heard from him again! Such a pity for me and for him.
This area of the shop was actually housed in what used to be a restaurant kitchen

This was the painting area, where commissioned pieces would be made.

These are some scenes from my Durban Store in 2005/2006.


Freshly Found said...

Very Inspiring stuff! Where was your store? I owned a coffee shop at that time, so didn't get out and about much.

nunu pepe' said...

It was in Kensington Drive, Durban North. I have closed it now. You know Durbs, fickle fickle. Or at least thats what I tell myself. I now just focus on my website which is much less stressful.