Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Divine Bird Design

Just look at the colour combo here, the shading so striking! The rest of the bird is a combination of grey and white.
This bird, whos' name I should have jotted down but since I have never been one for facts I didn't. Doesnt it look like something out of Jurassic Park?

The colour of this bird is just amazing it's like some one whipped out their Copic Marker and had a blast.

We went for a visit at our local Durban Riverside Birdpark the other day. If you are ever suffering from a creative block this is the answer. The colour combinations are just mind blowing. These were the only birds that stood still long enough for a "decent" photo.


Xander said...

Sweet photos! I love birds, and I definitely find them to be very inspiring. I know there is a big trend for petite songbirds in just about everything (which I'm no knocking, I like that too), but I'm mainly attracted to big, awkward birds- the marabou has always been a sort of personal symbol for me. -X

PS- The jurassic bird is a Cassowary, which lives in Papua New Guinea and the rainforests of Northern Australia. I'd love to see where inspiration could lead from one of them!

nunu pepe' said...

thanks Xander, yes you are 100% correct it is the Cassowary! There where so many more birds with amazing colours but they kept moving around, as birds do, and my camera couldn't get a handle on them. The big birds seem to have a more distinct personality to me.

Anonymous said...