Sunday, September 30, 2007


I often wonder why the average household lampshade is just so gosh darn boring. There is a fine line between giving a design personality and overkill. I really want to create a lampshade that is functional of course, a classic shape but with a hint of something different. Will keep you posted.

Check out this amazing lighting structure by a South African design duo called Team Two see the stuff at

So many ideas...

I find my budget ever dwindling, I can't seem to focus on one product at a time, it must have something to do with being a gemini. Currenty working on a simple idea that will utilize existing fabric off cuts and fabric scraps lying around the house.

My favourite things at the moment are line drawings, handmade prints & silkscreens and for reasons beyond my immediate understanding baking cookies seems to occupy my mind on a daily basis.

Check out this divine fabric printed in Cape Town by a company called Fabric Nation. Can't seem to get the colour to transfer correctly onto the blog but it's a beautiful scene of the South African Bush we call a Veld.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

still testing

The blog format is reminding me of Rum & Raisin Icecream yum yum.

Okay testing picture options now... lets have a look see....